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Our Story



Zylan Colombo is a charming 7-room boutique hotel, emerged from the transformation of a former villa nestled in the heart of Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.


Back in 2010, the renowned Hongkong Chinese artist, Tsui Yan Ting Jennifer returned to the "Pearl" of an Island, a place that had deeply touched her during her initial visit in 1996 when she was engaged in charitable work. Jennifer is internationally celebrated for her exquisite flower paintings on traditional calligraphy paper and holds the distinction of being the first female Chinese artist to have a solo exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in 2007.


Jennifer's return to Colombo was driven by her aspiration to nurture the creativity of local artists through 'Masterclasses.' This vision evolved as her daughter, Helen, proposed the idea of incorporating the original idea and also run a boutique hotel in Colombo. Following months of exploration and visits, they discovered an exclusive property in the heart of Colombo 7, leading to the grand opening of Zylan Colombo in December 2011.


The hotel's name, 'Zylan', eloquently mirrors the vivid and vibrant spirit of Jennifer's paintings, which adorn the guest bedrooms and various key areas throughout the hotel, symbolizing the idea of 'blossoming' or 'blooming.'


Zylan Colombo seamlessly blends the comforting ambiance of a former villa with the alluring charm of a slightly rustic, tropical-modern interior and exterior, creating a warm and inviting 'home away from home' for its cherished guests.

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